April 29, 2012

The Healing Touch

With so many books out on healing, including mine, I wonder why people are interested in this topic. Is it because of the state of our economy? Or it more intimate that that? People struggle with work, relationships and day-to-day events. I would love someone to touch me and heal all my woes and make everything alright.

My character, Armond, can only heal physical illnesses. This doesn’t make his life a bed of roses, either. He experiences pain when he heals. His everyday life does not get better being a Healer for the Golden Demons.

The other books on healing whether paranormal, fantasy, or religious, all reach out to people about making their lives better. But like Armond finds out, the only person who can do this is you. I wish there was a magic pill, taking all of our troubles away, but there isn’t.

However, I find when you have a problem, even a major one, and you overcome it, the feeling is indescribable. I was in a job where my stomach hurt every time I drove to work. The problem was the job paid very well, and I felt trapped. I was trapped, because I did not look outside the box. I had a friend of mine who told me, “You’re at work the majority of the time. A third of your life is in something you hate. Is this how you want to spend your life?” Definitely not.

I was doing something I hated and could not move out of this position. I used to daydream about handing in my resignation.
I poured into my writing and perfecting my craft. I started getting contracts. A job opened up I wanted, but it paid significantly less. I relooked at my finances and took the plunged. Walking up to hand in my resignation was euphoric. I had control. Now, I do not dread going into work. By the end of Sunday night, my stomach used to ache, and I dreaded waking up on Monday morning, but not anymore. I look forward to my long drive to work and rock out to my 80’s music.

How can you heal yourself? In what ways can you dissect your problem and come up with a different alternative? Is it scary? Yes. Even if change is good, it is still unnerving. I wish you luck.

Oh, BTW, if you do know somebody like Armond who can either heal your physical ailments or take away all your problems, send him or her my way!

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