September 12, 2012

Ryker’s Revenge

I’m very excited. My publisher, Featheweight Press, has bought the sequel to Healer, Ryker’s Revenge, and plans on releasing it sometime next year. Ryker is the leader of the Dark Demons, and creates a weapon, a Catalan dragon tattoo, that can destroy a Golden Demon. Once painted on a Golden Demon, the dragon comes alive and its poison seeps into the Golden Demon. Once bitten, a dead demon blood soaks into the victim who experiences a slow painful death. Armond, the Golden Demon Healer, is powerless to stop it. Only, Gunnar, the Dark Demon Healer, has the capability to stop the poison and the ability to kill the dragon. But if he choses to do this and save the Golden Demons, who he now loves, he turns against his father and risks never gaining his father’s love and endure a life of a torture.

I will keep you posted on the progress of Ryker’s Revenge.

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