May 22, 2013


Buffalo Mountain  Frisco, CO

Buffalo Mountain
Frisco, CO


Huh, what? Relax. But I got deadlines, kids need to be fed, bills paid, lawn mowed… The list goes on and on. But sometimes you do need to take the time and relax. Smell the roses, walk in the rain, chill.

Chilling always you to refuel and not racing full force into a heart attack. I had a hard day today. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. I wasn’t the only one buried with mounds of paper and fighting with an uncooperative computer program. My fellow teachers clenched their teeth and threatened to have a burning party on unwanted paperwork. But we didn’t.

One teacher plans to run in the Boulder, Boulder and another one is going on a lake vacation. Me, I’m looking forward to buying summer flowers and taking Sadie for walks. Might not be exciting but it’s down time.

But the day is over. On the drive home, I listened to music, thought about dinner and a movie. Jaws, yup. And a cold one.

I know I should be editing, behind on edits, but I need to rest for a minute. Calm down. Chill. Finish my book and rejuvenate.

What about you? What do you do to relax?

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