January 4, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News

My books have been taken down from Featherweight Press. I’m moving on a different journey, but still plan to write young adult books—contemporary and paranormal.

This has been a wonderful experience with Featherweight. I had never been published before and learned so many things about the publishing industry. I loved having an editor, a copy editor, and a cover artist. Featherweight was very patient with me and helped me become a more confident author.

Thank you, Featherweight.

In the meantime, I will be writing. My constant companion, Raven, will be at my side. Such a cuddler!

Raven, my new little buddy

Raven, my new little buddy

I lost my other sweet cuddler, Sadie Mae, this past summer. I still miss her and wish she was here.

Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae

This summer, I plan on releasing new young adult books. Until then, I wish Featherweight and my readers the best and want to thank you all for supporting me.


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