July 21, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News: Goddess Book Tour

I’m doing a book tour through Goddess Tours from July 20th to July 31st on Dare to Trust.



There is a ten dollar Amazon give away for a lucky reader who participates on the tour. Also, I plan to give a free ebook away of Dare to Trust to anyone who signs up for my newsletter.  There will be information on new releases and only items available to my subscribers.  So, check out the links below!

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July 31: Books in the Hall

July 1, 2015

JL Bowen’s News: Website Down

I apologize to anybody who tried to go to my website. I was fooling around on my website and unfortunately, I did something to create an error. My wonder webmaster was able to fix it. I can’t even tell you what I did.

Thanks for fixing the website, team!

June 27, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News: Release of First Two Books

I am so excited! My backlist books, Dare to Trust and Dare to Forgive, are released on Amazon!

The first book is Dare to Trust.



Thirteen-year-old Armond Costa heals in three days, no matter what abuse his uncle and aunt inflict upon him. On his fourteenth birthday, he sprouts wings and discovers his aunt and uncle had lied to him. He’s the lost Golden Demon’s Healer. His father, King of the Golden Demons, insists he return with him and save his people from being persecuted by their mortal enemies, the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must choose between the Ellis brothers and seventeen-year-old Rusty Owens — the only family he’s ever known — or condemn the Golden Demons to extinction.

The second book is Dare to Forgive. I’m currently working on a novella, Dare to Believe.

DareToForgive-600x900 (1)


Gunnar, the Healer of the Dark Demons, wants to escape from his sadist father, the King of the Dark Demons, and return to the Golden Demons, but his father brands him with a dragon tattoo designed to kill Golden Demons. The choice to stay away from his friends is taken from his hands when they launch a rescue operation to save him, only to have one of their own injured by the dragon on his chest while another is captured by his father. Can Gunnar trust his sister, their father’s lapdog, and the dragon on his chest to help save his friends and keep him free?

March 23, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News: CRW Retreat and Stanley Hotel Tour

This weekend, I was at the Colorado Romance Writer’s Retreat at the Amberwood Mountain Lodge in Estes Park. It was a beautiful place and I actually wrote 6000 words this weekend.

From left to right: Jessica, Alice, J.L., Amy, Susan, Maggie, Jessica back row. Front row: Jean, Sue, Maya.

From left to right: Jessica, Alice, J.L., Amy, Susan, Maggie, Jessica back row. Front row: Jean, Sue, Maya.

After the retreat, four of us went to the Stanley Hotel and went on a historical tour which was actually a ghost tour. Our guide was Red Bob and he’s an elementary teacher when he isn’t taking people on tours. He was funny and made us laugh. One of the most haunted places is the Music Hall.

Stanley Music Hall 2

Amy, Sean and Jessica

Amy, Sean and Jessica

J.L. Bowen at the Music Hall

J.L. Bowen at the Music Hall

Stanley Music Hall

Stanley Music Hall

The mirror below is supposed to be a portal for spirits in the basement of the music hall. In the basement, there were two homeless people who died: Paul and Lucy. On the previous tour, Red Bob said that Lucy slammed the door, but she didn’t do this to us.

Stanley Portal Mirror

Stanley Portal Mirror


On the stage, people are supposed to experience paranormal phenomenon. The rich affluent came to the music hall when it was built including, the Roosevelts.

Ivory Billiard Balls

Ivory Billiard Balls

Stanley Pool Room

Stanley Pool Room


In the main lodge, we went to the billiard room where Red Bob asked all the women to sit on a bench. Back in the days, women were supposed to wear long dresses and sit quietly while their men played pool. Since the billiard balls were made of ivory, the floor had cork underneath the carpet. In the corner, Mr. Stanley would make his presence known by the smell of cherry cigar. And guess what? We did.

It was a great tour and if you have a chance, visit the Stanley!



March 18, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News: Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to release the new cover for my new series, Dark Choices. This is the first book, Dare to Trust.

Dare To Trust

Dare To Trust

Thirteen-year-old Armond Costa heals in three days, no matter what abuse his uncle and aunt inflict upon him. On his fourteenth birthday, he sprouts wings and discovers his aunt and uncle had lied to him. He’s the lost Golden Demon’s Healer. His father, King of the Golden Demons, insists he return with him and save his people from being persecuted by their mortal enemies, the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must choose between the Ellis brothers and seventeen-year-old Rusty Owens — the only family he’s ever known — or condemn the Golden Demons to extinction.

This book will released this spring!

January 4, 2015

J.L. Bowen’s News

My books have been taken down from Featherweight Press. I’m moving on a different journey, but still plan to write young adult books—contemporary and paranormal.

This has been a wonderful experience with Featherweight. I had never been published before and learned so many things about the publishing industry. I loved having an editor, a copy editor, and a cover artist. Featherweight was very patient with me and helped me become a more confident author.

Thank you, Featherweight.

In the meantime, I will be writing. My constant companion, Raven, will be at my side. Such a cuddler!

Raven, my new little buddy

Raven, my new little buddy

I lost my other sweet cuddler, Sadie Mae, this past summer. I still miss her and wish she was here.

Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae

This summer, I plan on releasing new young adult books. Until then, I wish Featherweight and my readers the best and want to thank you all for supporting me.


November 23, 2014

J.L. Bowen’s Sneak Preview: Remember Me

Remember how your mom always said, “If you do something bad,  karma will come back to you and be ten times worse.” My hero, Hunter, learns the hard way—being a bully comes back and bites him.

Not only did I have to write an apology letter to Ms. Pease, but my dad came in to meet with the crone. I wouldn’t let dad tell her what was going on with mom. It wasn’t any of her business and I didn’t want her pity. I wouldn’t believe her pity even if she tried to lump it on me.
I threw my equipment bag into my truck. I at least got to eat dinner before I drove to the Arvada library to meet my tutor. I forget to ask mom her name. Dad didn’t know. He said it was a girl in the honors program. Goody for her. A superior bitch to lord over me.
I walked into our house and the aroma of roast beef filled the air. My mouth watered. Mom always had dinner ready after practice. Not sandwiches, but a full cooked meal and a dessert. She didn’t work, but to me, she worked all the time. The house was always clean, yard immaculate, laundry done. But it was her cooking I loved the best. No one was as good of a cook as my mom.
“Hello, Hunter,” mom said. “How was school?”
Dad put down his newspaper and eyed me suspiciously.
“Good. Even math.” Not true, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. Ms. Pease had been her usual pleasant self of humiliating me and other kids who didn’t know the answers to area questions. “I’m going to take a shower before we eat, okay?”
“Sure,” mom said. “Remember your tutoring is at 7:00 pm at the Arvada Library.”
“I know. Hey, by the way, who is my tutor?”
“Coach Juárez’s daughter, Jazmin.”
I stopped half way up the stairs. Crap, could anything go my way? Coach Juárez was my offensive coordinator and we were at a truce. In freshmen year, Jazmin and I had been in the same math class. I still remember that bad day in Mr. Lemon’s class.
“Is x squared and x times 2 the same?” Mr. Lemon asked.
I raised my hand, so sure I had this. “Yes.”
“Hunter, put a 3 in both the equation. And tell me if they’re the same?”
I tapped my pencil on desk, trying to figure out if I had given the right answer. Mr. Lemon always wanted you to double check your answer. “Yes, they’re the same.”
Jazmin was sitting next to me. She shook her head and showed me her notebook where she had written x squared equaled nine and two times three was six.
“Hunter, are they the same?” Mr. Lemon had asked again.
Jazmin was smart, ten times smarter than me. She rarely spoke but when she did, her answers were always right. I should have thanked her and changed my answer. But no, I was pissed. She was staring at me. Her hair flared out around her shoulders and she looked good. But I didn’t care. I wanted to hurt her. So, I did.
Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars flashed in my mind. “Shut up, you-know-it-all Jazmin the Hutt,” I whispered under my breath.
My friends heard and snickered. To this day, they refer to her as the Hutt.

She winced as if I’d hit her. Tears formed in her large cat eyes. Immediately, I regretted it. Luckily, Mr. Lemon hadn’t heard.

I insisted I was right, but he explained why I was wrong. I had tried to pay attention and had pretended to not notice Jazmin. She’d put her head on her and her thick brown hair flooded her desk.

“Jazmin?” Mr. Lemon asked. “Are you feeling well?”

“No,” she said. “May I be excused?”

She had run out of the room. That was the last time we spoke. Coach Juárez had made me run thirty laps around the track. Thirty, no joke.

I should have apologized to her, but like a weasel, I had ignored her for the rest of the year. She never showed me another answer. I had flunked math and had to take summer school.

Now, she was my tutor. And held my future in her hands.



November 15, 2014

J.L. Bowen’s News

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but I wanted to update you on my new project. I’m currently writing a young adult novel, Remember Me,  during NaNoWriMo. This one is different for me. It’s not paranormal, but as always, it will have dark themes. My story is set in high school. Both my hero, Hunter Green, and heroine, Jazmin Juarez, are dealing with mothers who have some serious issues.
Oh, and did I mention football? Yes, my favorite sport. High school drama is wrapped up into this book. I’ll be posting snippets every week.

Remember the teacher who made you feel two inches tall? Meet Hunter’s nemesis:

Ms. Pease handed out our geometry quizzes. “Good job, Nancy,” Ms. Pease said. She smiled her thin smile and looked at Nancy through her pointed glasses. “You received a perfect score. Obviously, you studied.”
She flashed me an obviously-you-didn’t-study look. But the truth was—I did study. I studied every night, but learning Chinese would be easier than learning surface area and volume.

I can relate to Hunter. I dreaded math, still do.

May 30, 2013


Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist has still got to be one of my favorite movies. For its time, it scared the pants off many people, including my sister. It didn’t scare me. I’m not sure why. Maybe its because there were so many aspects to the movie – romance, religion, supernatural.

For one, it had a love story. Diane and Stephen Freeling have to fight together to save their family. Stephen has to let Diane go to the other side without him, even though he desperately wants to protect his family. Definitely has some romance there.

Its even got religious connotations. My favorite part is at the end of the movie when Carol Anne and Robbie are in the bedroom and their mother, Diane, can’t get to them. A white ghostly monster guards the door. She tries to get help from a neighbor, but falls into the swimming pool, loaded with corpses. When she climbs out, she’s determined to save her children. Running down the hall to Carol Anne’s and Robbie’s room, she pushes open the door only to see the closet alive. A long tenacle is reaching for her children to take them to the other side. A wind is trying to hurl Diane, Carol Anne and Robbie to the other side. Carol Anne and Robbie are hanging onto their headboards for dear life while Diane is hanging on to the door jam.
“Robbie, take my hand,” Diane yells. Robbie fumbles but takes her hand.
“Now, take your sister’s,” Diane orders.
Before the tenacle can grab Carol Anne, Diane looks up at the ceiling. “God, help me.”
She’s able to yank herself and her two children out of the chaos. Still gives me chills.

But there’s also the myth, the film is haunted since both Dominique Dunn, the oldest daughter, and Heather O’Rourke, die after the movie was made. At least, Dean Winchester claims on an episode of Supernatural. What do you think?

Yes, I’m watching it right now. A definite classic. What about you? Do did you like Poltergeist and what was your favorite part?

May 27, 2013


This week my sister is hurrying to get her home ready for her oldest son’s graduation party. I look at my nephew and all of his friends and think of the new journey they all will be experiencing. Some of them are going to college, some are playing hockey, some are staying home and getting a job, but whatever they are doing, they will be going forth as adults.

Their years of being a student in Jefferson County Public Schools has ended. They no longer have to go to school and now make the choice on whether to continue their education. I find myself envying them all again. To be able to have life ahead of them and look at life with fresh eyes is appealing. I was there once. I remember the fear and the excitement of leaving home. I made mistakes, I made good choices and I made memories.

I bow to all the graduates and wish them luck in their journey.